Arts Industry Experience

I have worked in a number of professional capacities in the arts over the years, the following outlines my experience ranging from contemporary art publishing, curating, lecturing, professional panels and consultations.

University Lecturing

RMIT University, Curating Contemporary Art & Expanded Curation, Lecturer, Masters of Arts (Arts Management) & International Co-ordinator, School of Art, Melbourne, 2017+
RMIT University, Art in Global Cities and Studio Critique, Lecturer, School of Art, Hong Kong, January, 2017

RMIT University, Art History and Theory 2 Lecturer, Art in Global Cities, School of Art, Hong Kong, July, 2016

RMIT University, Art History and Theory 1 & 2, Tutor and Internship, Lecturer, School of Art, Melbourne, Vic, 2014-6

University of Melbourne, Arts and Cultural Management in Asia, Lecturer, 2013-20

University of Melbourne, Contemporary Art Tutor and Lecturer, School of Culture and Communication, Melbourne, Vic, 2014-5

RMIT University, Art in Global Cities Tutor, School of Art, Melbourne, Vic, 2014-6

Arts Research

RMIT University, Research Fellow on A Skilled Hand and Cultivated mind: A guide to the Architecture and Art of RMIT University, Vice-Chancellors Office, Melbourne, Vic, 2012

RMIT University, Research Assistant, School of Art (PT), Melbourne, Vic, 2011-13

RMIT University, Research Assistant, Design Research Institute, Intervention through Art, Melbourne, Vic, 2009-10

Art Curating and Exhibition Management

Chinese Museum, Exhibitions Co-ordinator, Melbourne, Vic, 2012-3

Customs House, Exhibitions Co-ordinator, City of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, 2004-8 (The City Model, as pictured above)

Newcontemporaries Gallery, Curator, Sydney, NSW, 2002-4

Arts Boards, Panels, Consultations

National Exhibitions Touring Support (NETS) Victoria, Board Member, 2021+

Creative Victoria, Chair of the Arts Panel, 2019

Creative Victoria, Creators Fund Assessor, 2017

City of Melbourne's Grants & Sponsorship Advisory panel, 2016

City of Melbourne's Public Art Advisory Panel, 2011-2012

City of Moreland's Arts & Culture Strategy, consulting advisor for strategy, 2011-16

Art in Chinatown Committee, Senior Curator, Melbourne, Chinese Museum, since 2010

Many Moons Group Chair of the Board (2012-13), member 2009-13

Quong Tart Centenary Commemorative Committee, 2004

Arts Publishing

East West Arts, Managing Editor, Sydney, NSW, 2004

Australian Art Review, Deputy Editor, Sydney, NSW, 2002-4

Chinese-art.com, Marketing Manager, Beijing, China, 2000-2

AGHA, Publishing Assistant, Sydney, NSW, 1999

Pacific Publications, Administration, Sydney, NSW, 1997-9                                  

Object Magazine, Object Centre for Contemporary Craft, Intern, Sydney, NSW, 1997

Other Teaching

Youcan College, English Language, Tutor, Beijing, China, 2000 

Beijing 101 Middle School, English Teacher, Haidian, Beijing, China, 2000