In partnership with the City of Manningham
Birralee Primary School 
Funded by Creative Victoria, Creative Suburbs program

As the suburbs of Melbourne grow, transform and renew, migration from all around the world transforms our local sense of place and how we perceive it. The middle ring suburb of Doncaster is no exception, with many new apartments and urban infrastructure being built to accomodate new families in an expanding Melbourne. During July to September of 2019, I will be working collaboratively with diverse families of the Doncaster, Manningham region. Working with 11 local families, together we will explore how these families relate to their local and global sense of place, through a series of art based workshops, leading to the development of a body of artwork and an exhibition, exploring both the group as co-creators and the subject of the exhibition. The project will pilot a 'social artist in residence' program and look at how artistic strategies can imaginatively build relationships and connect individuals through a deeper engagement with their local surrounds. The artistic team includes Jessica Simmons, Sofi Basseghi, Yuso Lee and Amy Kennedy. The aim of the process is to examine and gain a better understanding of local contemporary immigrant families and how they experience life between homes. For updates on this project, visit my Curating Art Cities research journal.