Co-curated by Tammy Wong Hulbert & Helen Rayment

RMIT Gallery

June-August 2020

RMIT Gallery’s inaugural online exhibition The new (ab)normal provides a real-time snapshot of how artists are responding to their new working conditions and circumstances during the COVID-19 global health crisis. The exhibition is presented in partnership between RMIT Gallery and the School of Art with creative responses from more than 40 School of Art staff, HDR students, alumni and industry partners. The project honours the value of the work of those who teach and study at RMIT at this time of deep disruption. The new (ab)normal provides us with a timely insight into how art can unite us, and that although we may be physically distant, our social connections remain strong and are perhaps even strengthened under these challenging circumstances. 

Artists: Sogan Alamdarfard, Rushdi Anwar, Robert Baines, Sofi Basseghi, Kay Mei Ling Beadman, Alison Bennett, Pie Bolton, Susan Buchanan, S. Chandrasekaran, Christy Chow, Kris Coad, Jennifer Conroy-Smith, Simon Crosbie, Mig Dann, Rhett D’Costa, Phil Edwards, Yiannis Galanopoulos, Yue Gu, Andrew Gunnell, Guang Hui Huang, Pennie Jagiello, Priyanka Jain, Tassia Joannides, Varuni Kanagasundaram, Martin Kay, Lan Lan, Kit Man Leong, Ye Liu, Peng Liu, Daniel Marks, Christine McFetridge, Jerome De Perlinghi, Robyn Phelan, Milenko Prvacki, Marlaina Read, Steven Rendall, J. Rosenbaum, Benjamin Sheppard, Fleur Summers, Cordelia Tam, Lesley Turnbull, Lan Wang, Peter Westwood, Jude Worters, Theresa Yang