Media Coverage

To the fallen trees..., 3MDR Mountain District Radio, Interview, 8 October, 2022

Our Story 'An Jia' Becoming Home: Telling 19th-Century Chinese History and Contemporary Immigrant Stories, SBS Mandarin, interview with Siying Zhou, 5 March, 2022
Becoming Home: Interview with the curator, Maroondah Blog, 8 February, 2022

Two Wongs making a white, by Derek Schlennstedt, Ranges Trader, 19 July, 2019

Asian Australian Art Goes Online, by Devana Senanayake, The Quo, 5 October, 2018

Redefining Identity through Community Arts Projects, by Devana Senanayake, Right Now, 2 October, 2018

Linking Art and Nature, Mountain Views Mail, 13 September, 2018

Parallel Lines, Interview with Beth Atkinson-Quinton with Phuong Ngo and Tammy Wong Hulbert on Hyphenated, Triple RRR, 14 February, 2018

Proposal for Chinese Heritage Museum in Sydney divides Councillors, The Daily Telegraph, 18 May, 2017

Helping new migrants integrate in the local is a good way to gain a sense of belonging, on Belonging and the Transient Home, Ao Wei Bang, Chinese Media, 10 May, 2016

Chinese Australian Female artist has a coup in assisting new migrants, on Belonging and the Transient Home, Powerapple, Chinese community news, 10 May, 2016

Chinese Female Artist uses art to help migrants, on Belonging and the Transient Home, Mel Today, Australian-Chinese community news, 10 May, 2016

Australian Chinese: Chinese Female uses art to act as a bridge to assist with the integration of new migrants, on Belonging and the Transient Home, On.CC, Hong Kong, 10 May, 2016

Creative initiative links migrants with communities via art, on Belonging and the Transient Home, Natalie Savino, Hume Leader, 9 May, 2016

RRR Radio, On the Blower with Tony Biggs, speaking on The Great Mobile Edible Garden Race, 20 March, 2015

Northwest FM, The Bash Radio Show, Speaking on The Great Mobile Edible Garden Race, 19 March, 2015

Herbal Remedy: Artists cook up unique experiment, front page of the newspaper and article on the Flavours of Glenroy project, Moreland Leader, 28 July, 2014

Edible art project unites diverse community - RMIT University News, article on the Flavours of Glenroy project, 21 July, 2014

The artistic identity of Hong Kong: exhibition - RMIT University News, article about the HK ID exhibition, 15 October, 2013

Art and Soul - RMIT News, Interview with Dr Tammy Wong Hulbert on Public Art in urban lane ways, June 13, 2013
Lumens Arts: Promoting Australia-China ties, Meld Magazine, by Grace Yew, December 12, 2012

Gateway: Melbourne 2011 - SBS Radio interview with Mark Wang Deputy Chairman of the Museum of Chinese Australian History and Tammy Wong as artist & curator, Sunday 24 April, 2011

Gateway: Melbourne 2011 - Review of the exhibition, I Am Art Smart review, April, 2011

Art in Public Space: Tammy Wong and the Gateway Exhibition in Chinatown, Syn FM, RMIT University, May 17, 2011, 16:00

Public Library of Science (PLOS) Medical Journal, SARS special edition, artwork Stars with SARS featured on the cover of Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2006

No Ordinary Man - Quong Tart - SBS Radio interview as Gallery Manager of the exhibition (Cantonese), Thursday 23 June, 2004

No Ordinary Man - Quong Tart - 2CR Radio interview as Gallery Manager (Cantonese), Monday 28 June, 2004

Gone with the Panda - Zhao Bandi, ABC TV Sunday Arts, interview as curator, Sunday 29 February, 2004

Made in Huang Xue Hui by Zhang Zhaohui, feature article about my artistic career, The Style Magazine, Beijing, China, August 2002, p. 82-3.

Starving Artist - At Face Value, article about my artwork Identiparts, That's Beijing, China, August 2002, p. 42

Red Gate Gallery: Mask vs. Face reviewarticle featuring my artwork Identiparts in the Mask Vs. Face exhibition, Vision 21, Issue 8 August 2002, p. 83

Images of Asia: The Cheongsam, by Hazel Clark, Professor of Design and Fashion studies, Parsons School of Design, front cover featured my artwork From the Department of Social Customs, Oxford University Press, New York, 2000

Biomorphs: Sci-Fi visions of Human Engineering review of the Biomorphs exhibition, Jamie Ferguson, City Hub, Sydney October 28, 1999

Identiparts - Image reproduced, Oyster, Sydney October/November, 1999

Students Art Promotes SSO's Activities, University of New South Wales News, Sydney, 1996