Five Weeks in Spring: An Emotional Map of Lilydale

Marnie Badham and Tammy Wong Hulbert (artists)

Force of Nature Live Art Exhibition, Gretel Taylor (curator)

Yarra Ranges Regional Museum, Victoria, Australia

September 8 to October 14, 2018

Five Weeks in Spring is a socially-engaged art project that visualises local engagement in public space and response to the changing natural environment through the creation of an emotional map of Lilydale. The nearby surrounds of the Yarra Ranges offer a beautiful landscape of hills and rivers for vista and recreation; however, local concerns extreme weather events such as wind, floods, or summer bushfire are not distant. As a map of emotions, artists invite locals to register their perceptions and attachments to public space. 


Want to get involved? The project takes form through three types of engagement: 
a. 'Pop up' at events and public spaces - a schedule of events coming soon. 
b. Workshops in community spaces - to book a one hour workshop contact marnie.badham@rmit.edu.au.
c. Engagement in the Yarra Ranges Regional Museum - Fridays 9am to 5pm. Sept 14; Sept 21; Oct 5 & Oct 11, 2018. 

Inquiries: marnie.badham@rmit.edu.au 

Marnie Badham is a socially-engaged artist-researcher in Canada and Australia. Her participatory arts methods engage communities in questions of place, identity and cultural value. Marnie lectures in Art in Public Space at the School of Art, RMIT University. She publishes her scholarly writing extensively and practices through residencies, exhibition curation and community-based collaborations. 

Tammy Wong Hulbert is an artist, curator and academic focused on exploring the complex and often fragmented spaces between cultures in a globalising society. These ideas are expressed through her artistic and curatorial projects focused on socially engaged practices working with various urban communities. She currently lectures at RMIT University, in the School of Art, specialising in Curating Contemporary Art.