Tammy Wong Hulbert / 黄雪慧

Dr Tammy Wong Hulbert (née Tammy Wong) is an artist, curator and academic based in Naarm / Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Born in Sydney to Cantonese, Chinese parents, from a young age she developed a passion for the arts as a way of expressing her individual cultural outlook. Her art and curatorial practices focuses on the complicated, multi-layered and fragmented 'hyphenated' space between cultures and is influenced by her families intergenerational migration connection to Australia since 1900. Tammy originally trained with a Bachelor of Applied Arts, ceramics major (Honours 1st class) and a Graduate Certificate in Arts Administration at the College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales, Sydney (now UNSWAD) and a PhD from RMIT University. 

In the years 2000-2, she lived and worked in Beijing, China, working with the underground contemporary art community. This experience had a profound impact on her own outlook towards contemporary art practices, encouraging an interest in art practices that are more open ended and expressive of social concerns and a desire to increase the visibility of contemporary Chinese and Asian art practices. Her recent works have often involved socially engaged practices working with various urban communities, in particular addressing issues of migration, belonging and the role of art in encouraging the curation of inclusive globalising cities. 

As a curator, she has worked with a wide range of Australian, Chinese and Asian contemporary artists in Sydney, Melbourne, Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou, China in galleries. museums and urban public spaces. In particular, she was the gallery manager at Newcontemporaries Gallery and exhibitions co-ordinator at Customs House, Sydney. In her curatorial projects she is interested in bridging the gap between Australia and Asia through the creation of dialogue in relation to these diverse regions. 

In 2011, she completed her PhD researching The City as a Curated Space at RMIT University, investigating how the urban condition has an impact on the way artists and urban communities are able to engage with these environments, offering an alternative model of exhibition to the traditional museology. Her current research focuses on the broader framework of 'Curating Inclusive Cities' where she collaborates with marginalised urban communities to workshop, understand and represent their perspective in globalising cities. These collaborations aim to care for their collective voice through curation. These socially orientated projects result in a public art or exhibition outcome, encouraging their 'right to the city' to be represented.

Tammy has taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in fine arts, art history and arts and cultural management in Melbourne and Hong Kong at RMIT University and the University of Melbourne. She is currently a Lecturer of Curating Contemporary Art, Masters of Arts (Arts Management), International and Art History, Theory and Cultures Co-ordinator, School of Art, RMIT University.