Identiparts (1998-2000)

Identiparts was an installation work that consisted of one hundred facial features parts (ceramic mouths, noses and eyelids), packaged as cosmetics and labelled according to outdated racial categories of Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. The work placed race into a contemporary context and commented on the how easily our physical identities are able to be altered, due to surgical and cosmetic innovations, even to the point where one can change racial identity. The original work was developed as an object based installation. With further experimentation and documentation, the work adapted to become site and context specific, which began to feature more prominently as a part of the work. The work was shown in the specific sites of Myers, Sydney (1998) for documentation in a department store and in King Street Chemist, Newtown, NSW as part of the Walk in The Street Festival (1999) and when I began to take interest in site specific projects. This body of work was also shown in Biomorphs, Gallery 4A, Body Art, Australian Museum, This Way Up, Object Galleries, Mask vs. Face, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China.