Curated Exhibitions

Starting my career as an artist, I had my first taste of curating during my undergraduate degree with my fellow class mates with our exhibition of contemporary ceramic arts back in the 1990s in Sydney. Over the years, I have worked across the arts industry in the private, museum and local government sector. My experience of living in Beijing in the early 2000s as a young artist exposed me to wide range of locally Chinese and international contemporary art practices and introduced me to the idea of the 'artist as curator'. In Beijing, I worked with many artists, who also worked as curators and were driven by activism, they wanted to create an awareness of certain issues in their often dysfunctional and chaotic world. Returning to Australia, the experience inspired me to want to work in a curatorial capacity, as a way of bridging the contemporary Chinese art community with the Australian. 

The experience of living and working in the Chinese contemporary art scene also influenced me to keep wearing both hats of artist and curator. As a curator, I have developed independent art projects, but also worked for Customs House, City of Sydney and Newcontemporaries Gallery, Sydney. Working for two non-commercial exhibition spaces, gave me the opportunity to exercise my creative mind in the development of curatorial projects and apply this spatially. As a curator, I enjoyed working in a capacity of building a community around commons interests through art and to be able to create an environment which supports artists in experimenting with their ideas. I have worked closely with contemporary artists based in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia and also Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou, China. 

I have also managed and developed social history exhibitions relating to various Sydney based urban themes in my roles at Customs House and Newcontemporaries. More recently, working at the community run Chinese Museum in Melbourne, has also been a great experience in opening up my thinking of the experience of being Chinese in Australia, which at times I found confronting and challenging, but then also eye opening allowing me to understand and re-define the Chinese Australian diaspora. In this role, I worked with historical materials, the wider Chinese community and also developed contemporary art projects in the temporary gallery space. One of the most successful project at the Chinese Museum was the curation of Claire Tracey's Water Dragon in 2012, which was a 5 storey high water dragon sculpture made from recycled water bottles and funded by the City of Melbourne. The work became a iconic attraction in the heart of Melbourne's Chinatown and won the Museum Australia (MAGMA) Award for Sustainability in 2013.  For more information on selected independent curatorial projects, please refer to their own page. In recent years, many of my projects have been developed collaboratively with other independent curators and artists. 

Currently I am a Lecturer in the Masters of Arts (Art Management) program at RMIT University, lecturing in the area of Curating Contemporary Art and continuing to develop curatorial projects.


  • Hyphenated, co-curated with Phuong Ngo, March-April, 2018
  • HK ID, Chinese Museum, Melbourne, curator and artist, October - December 2013
  • Lumens Festival: Curating the Ancient CitySuzhou, Jiangsu, China, May, 2012
  • Gateway: Melbourne 2011, Chinese Museum, Melbourne, curator and artist, April 2011
  • Meridians: Shanghai 2010, East China Normal University Gallery, Shanghai, China, curator, 2010. 
  • Chinese New Year Event - Lecture: The Urbanisation of Beijing and the contemporary art scene, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2008
  • China Today - Art & Culture LecturesArt Gallery of New South Wales, Chinese New Year lecture series, in partnership with Chinese Youth League, Sydney, NSW, 2007
  • Newurbanism, University of Technology Gallery, Sydney, project manager, curated by Zhang Zhaohui (China), 2004 
  • Rewedged - Contemporary Ceramic works, Global Gallery, Paddington, NSW, curator & artist, 1999



City of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2004-8

Contemporary Photography & Art exhibitions

  • Virtual Warrane - Sacred Tracks of Warrane, A Virtual Experience of the Gadi(gal) People, 2008
  • China Dreaming, Olivia Martine McGuire, Level 2, 2008
  • China Diaries, Liu Xiaoxian, Ground Floor, 2008
  • Kabul Revisited, Eleanor Dearin, Level 2, 2007
  • Without Frontier, Architects without Frontiers – Ground Floor & Level 2, 2007
  • E.O Hoppe’s Australia, curated by Graham Howe, Level 2, 2007
  • National Gallery of Australia, photographs Max Dupain, Level 2, 2007
  • Access all Areas, Mervyn Bishop, Level 2, 2006
  • People Pictures, Portraits from the Antipodes – 1984-2006 – Jon Lewis, Level 2, 2006
  • Dutch Decade, Contemporary Dutch Photography, 2006
  • Random, Oculi, photographic exhibition, Level 2, 2005
  • Portrait of a City, Marco Bok, Level 2, 2005
  • Virtual City, Peter Murphy, Level 2 & Ground, 2005
  • Khunjerab Pass, Swat and Peshawar, Peter Van Sommers, Level 2, 2005

Social History Exhibitions

  • Spanning the Decades – 75 years of the Bridge, Exhibition Lounge, 2007
  • Drinking Customs – an exhibition exploring pub culture around Sydney, Exhibition Lounge, 2007
  • Harry Seidler – A Tribute, Ground Floor Exhibition, 2007
  • Memory Lane – Recollecting Rowe Street Sydney, Exhibition Lounge, 2005
  • Coffee Customs, Exhibition Lounge, 2005



Curator, Sydney, NSW, 2002-4

  • No Ordinary Man – Sydney’s Quong Tart – Citizen, merchant & philanthropist, social history exhibition, 2004
  • Illos – The Art of Contemporary Illustration, co-curated by Tammy Wong, Rocco Fazzari & Gabriel Clark, 2004
  • Gone with the Panda – Zhao Bandi & Friend, (China) curator, 2004
  • Degrees of Abstraction – Ian Bettinson, 2004
  • Mystic Medusa on Art, group exhibition curated by Mystic Medusa, 2004
  • Luminescent Man, Zhu Ming, Performance, curator (China), 2003
  • Walcha – City of Art, curator, 2003
  • Set fire to self – Drown – James Robinson, curator, 2003
  • Approaches to making, School of Art, Australian National University, Canberra, 2002
  • Aggregation – Chun Kwan Young, curator, 2002
  • Indecorous Abstraction 2 – Contemporary Women Painters, 2002
  • Sydney or the Bush, curator, 2002