Arts Employment

University Lecturing

RMIT University, Curating Contemporary Art, Lecturer, Masters of Arts (Arts Management), Melbourne, 2017+
RMIT University, Art in Global Cities and Studio Critique, Lecturer, School of Art, Hong Kong, January, 2017

RMIT University, Art History and Theory 2 Lecturer, Art in Global Cities, School of Art, Hong Kong, July, 2016

RMIT University, Art History and Theory 1 & 2, Tutor and Internship, Lecturer, School of Art, Melbourne, Vic, 2014-6

University of Melbourne, Arts and Cultural Management in Asia, Lecturer, 2013-7

University of Melbourne, Contemporary Art Tutor and Lecturer, School of Culture and Communication, Melbourne, Vic, 2014-5

RMIT University, Art in Global Cities Tutor, School of Art, Melbourne, Vic, 2014-6


Youcan College, English Language, Tutor, Beijing, China, 2000 

Beijing 101 Middle School, English Teacher, Haidian, Beijing, China, 2000


RMIT University, Research Fellow on A Skilled Hand and Cultivated mind: A guide to the Architecture and Art of RMIT University, Vice-Chancellors Office, Melbourne, Vic, 2012

RMIT University, Research Assistant, School of Art (PT), Melbourne, Vic, 2011-13

RMIT University, Research Assistant, Design Research Institute, Intervention through Art, Melbourne, Vic, 2009-10

Exhibition Management & Curating

Chinese Museum, Exhibitions Co-ordinator (PT), Melbourne, Vic, 2012

Customs House, Exhibitions Co-ordinator, City of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, 2004-8

Newcontemporaries Gallery, Curator, Sydney, NSW, 2002-4


East West Arts, Managing Editor, Sydney, NSW, 2004

Australian Art Review, Deputy Editor, Sydney, NSW, 2002-4

Chinese-art.com, Marketing Manager, Beijing, China, 2000-2

AGHA, Publishing Assistant, Sydney, NSW, 1999

Pacific Publications, Administration, Sydney, NSW, 1997-9                                  

Object Magazine, Object Centre for Contemporary Craft, Intern, Sydney, NSW, 1997

Professional Arts Panels and Consultations
City of Melbourne's Grants & Sponsorship Advisory panel, 2016+

City of Melbourne's Public Art Advisory Panel, 2011-2012

City of Moreland's Arts & Culture Strategy, consulting advisor for strategy, 2011-16

Art in Chinatown Committee, Senior Curator, Melbourne, Chinese Museum, since 2010

Many Moons Group Chair of the Board (2012-13), member 2009-13

Quong Tart Centenary Commemorative Committee, 2004