Visual Arts Exhibition History

I trained as an artist with a Bachelor of Applied Art (Honours) at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South (now UNSW Art & Design) as a major in ceramics in 1995-98. I have consistently had an interest in the development of object and installation based artwork, initially working in the medium of ceramics, but have now expanded to work in other various mediums including, drawing, collage, printing and sculpture. Through my interest in art in public space, through my doctoral research, my works have transformed to focus on the applied nature of the objects and the relationship symbolic objects can have to various individuals and communities.

  • Museum of Lost Public Notices, George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne, Victoria, May, 2017
  • Belonging & the Transient Home, Collaborative Public Art Project with the Vicseg Iranian Asylum Seekers Social Health Group, funded by the City of Hume, April 3, 2016
  • Gathering GlenroyWheatsheaf Hub, Glenroy, Victoria, November 14, 2015
  • The Great Mobile Edible Garden RaceArtists Incubator: Glenroy, Glenroy Festival, SG Sewell Reserve, Glenroy, Vic, March 22, 2014
  • Take Me, I'm Yours, Public Art Project, Mountfield and Howard Lanes Community Garden, Brunswick, October 2014
  • Flavours of Glenroy, Post Office Place, Glenroy, Victoria, art in public space project in collaboration with Rowena Booth and Shane Hulbert, May, 2014, videolink
  • Borrowed MemoriesHK IDChinese Museum, Melbourne, Vic, October-December, 2013
  • Public Private HabitsGateway: Melbourne 2011Chinese Museum, Melbourne, Vic, April 2011
  • Borrowed Language, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, NSW, collaborative multimedia performance project in development, NSW Ministry of the Arts funded, 2007-8
  • Stars with SARS, reproduced on PLOS Medicine cover on SARS issue, 2005
  • IDENTIPARTS, Multiplebox, Group Exhibition, Sydney, NSW, 2004
  • Constructed Lounge Room seriesOne Night Only, Newcontemporaries, Sydney, NSW, 2004
  • Manufactured AffectionArtificial Happiness, (touring from Beijing, China) RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Vic, 2004, Asian Art Archive Listing
  • Manufactured Affection, Artificial Happiness, Pickled Art Centre, Beijing, China, 2003
  • Ping Yao Photography Exhibition, China, Contemporary Chinese Photography exhibition in the Ping Yao Photography Festival, 2003
  • Bare Androgeny, 798 Factory, curated by Zhang Zhaohui, Beijing, China, 2003
  • N2 Identity, Nanjing, China. Group contemporary Chinese art exhibition, 2002
  • That’s Beijing, Artist of the month exhibition, Redgate Gallery, Beijing, China, 2002
  • Mask Vs. Face, Redgate Gallery, Beijing, China, Contemporary interpretations of the face, curated by Zhang Zhaohui, 2002
  • Body Art, Australian Museum, Sydney, NSW, touring exhibition (3yrs), 2000-3
  • Dialogo: The Other, Chiesa Santa Maria Teresa dei Maschi, Bari, Italy, contemporary Chinese art exhibition, 2000
  • Biomorphs, Gallery 4A, Sydney, NSW, group show on interfaces between the body and technology, 1999
  • This way up, Object Gallery, Sydney, NSW, selected for exhibition of top graduates nationally in applied art and design, 1999
  • Rewedged - Contemporary Ceramic works, Global Gallery, Paddington, NSW, artist & curator, 1998
  • Millenium Hotel exhibition, Kings Cross, NSW, 1998
  • College of Fine Art Graduation Exhibition, COFA UNSW, 1998
  • Dissidents, Women's Contemporary Art, College of Fine Arts, Paddington, UNSW, 1997
  • Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra - illustration for SSO 1997 educational resource kit cover, 1996

  • Borrowed Language, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Casula, Sydney, NSW, Artist in Residence, November 2008